Artist Statement/Bio

Elements of Christian and Byzantine styles influenced my earlier work in which I happily called Byzantine Pop. I look to the color of Fauvism and energy in paintings as early on as Matisse’s or as late as Peter Max’s and have been influenced by pattern and designs of Mexico, South America, and Africa. All my paintings develop through a solid control of my paintbrush and mix of hues. I focus on the relationships of color and composition with concentration on shapes and lines rendering a smooth, flat finish to a painting that draws the viewer in to see more.


Born in Chicago, IL, Andrea was influenced at an early age by an older sister who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her mother noted the talent and interest Andrea herself had and enrolled her for one semester where she happily won an Honorable Mention for a pastel rendering of a polkadot bug that traveled the world in a private exhibition.

(Andrea is pictured here at about eight years of age with the infamous bug)

The obvious style in which she uses today was locked into place at an early age. Although Andrea as a young adult did not follow her sister's footsteps in the art world, she always worked in creative fields.

She landed in Los Angeles in 1987, married, and had a child. It was then the fantasy world of polkadot creatures emerged again, only this time on furniture and children's accessories that she designed for her son. It wasn't until  2003 that she painted on canvas and ironically titled the first piece The Release and Andrea's artist within her was released as well.


Andrea Monroe is a painter living and working in Los Angeles. She has been able to allow her emotions and intuition to be the guide in which she paints and writes. She has exhibited at numerous venues in Los Angeles and on the web.